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The Program

Lipolite Program Steps

Before entering the 3D-lipolite program, patients will have a consultation to discuss the program in more detail, what’s involved, expectations and suitability. During this process, a medical history will be taken and consent to participate obtained.

Essentially the 3D-lipolite program involves an initial session to take baseline measurements and set targets. The diet and nutrition will be discussed and you will be given supplements, recipe ideas and meal and snack allowances based on our unique points system. Exercise advice will be given at the start, although experience has shown that exercise increases throughout the duration of the program as weight loss is achieved and people gain more energy and better fitness levels.

Detox Phase

FruitThe initial phase of the program is called detox which lasts 2 weeks and is stricter regarding food intake and drinks.

Active Phase

Following the detox phase, you enter the active phase which is our combination of diet, treatments and exercise with regular monitoring and follow up.

From the very start of the program, a series of treatments will be planned at weekly intervals. These will be tailored to treat areas that will benefit you the most as we know that all people are different.

Treatment sessions will last about an hour each week and there is no downtime following the procedure. Treatments are very safe, effective and painless and all of the treatments will be discussed with you in detail before they take place.

The choices of technologies that are available to prescribe for the individuals needs are:

Lipolite - Step 3
Cavitation – The main tool for overall circumference reduction
Lipolite - Step 2
Cryolipolysis (Fat Freezing) – Ideal for targeting specific problem areas for fat removal
Lipolite - Step 1
Radio Frequency – Skin tightening for face and body
Lipolite - Step 2
Vacuum Dermal Roller – Targets cellulite and aids lymphatic drainage
Maintenance Phase

The program can continue for as long as required, ideally when a perfect weight and level of fitness has been achieved. After completing the active phase of the program, it is strongly encouraged to enter the maintenance phase which consists of monthly appointments with the 3D-Lipolite practitioner, ongoing monitoring and adherence to the exercise and diet regime but without the need for body treatments. The success of long-term weight loss is ongoing maintenance, support and motivation.