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Clinisept+ Procedure Aftercare 100ml

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Product Summary

Clinisept+ Procedure Aftercare 100ml

Fast acting cleanser and antimicrobial solution | Dermatologically tested

Most cleansers intended for use on skin, are weak poisons and whilst they can be effective at killing some pathogens, they also affect healthy skin cells and inhibit skin regeneration. Clinisept+ is different in that it uses an oxidising method of action which causes no harm to human skin, even to re-growing skin cells.

Hypochlorous is the same chemistry that powers the human immune system. It is produced by the white blood cells in the body to combat infection and is widely acknowledged as the most effective disinfection agent known, owing to its ability to kill bacteria, viruses, fungi and spores.

Clinisept+ is so effective because of the purity of the hypochlorous content. Despite it's efficacy, hypochlorous is not absorbed by human skin cells.

Benefits of Clinisept+ Aftercare
  • Ideal to be used post-procedure to help prevent infection and encourage healing
  • Can be used to help manage acne, cuts, burns and sores
  • Skin neutral pH
  • Does not contain alcohol, petroleum, lanolin, oils or parabens

Product Description

Clinisept+ Procedure Aftercare 100ml

Highly effective antimicrobial | Dermatologically tested | Safe to the skin | Skin neutral pH

Although Clinisept+ Aftercare has been formulated to be used after aesthetic or surgical procedures, due to its high safety profile, non skin irritant properties, effectiveness and skin soothing properties, it is perfect to be used for a range of indications at home.

Clinical Health Technologies (the manufacturers of Clinisept+) Official Statement on Coronavirus

In response to the many enquiries we have received regarding the effectiveness of Clinisept+ against Coronavirus, Clinisept+ has been rigorously and independently tested and proven to be highly effective in killing all enveloped viruses, including Coronavirus, in under 15 seconds.

Clinisept+ is a new chemistry and therefore not yet registered as a skin disinfectant. However, Clinical Health Technologies is working towards attaining this accreditation which would enable us to legally state that Clinisept+ is rapidly bactericidal, fungicidal, virucidal and sporicidal - as per the independent test evidence.

The next generation of skin cleansing for aesthetic and cosmetic treatments.

Clinisept+ offers a completely new approach to professional skin cleansing that maximises protection against complications and optimises patient outcomes. This is why Clinisept+ is rapidly being adopted by the world's leading cosmetic professionals.

Clinisept+ applies a revolutionary proprietary hypochlorous technology to ensure the highest levels of skin cleansing and antimicrobial protection, but without stinging or causing irritation.

A skin neutral pH and non-cytotoxic chemistry allows Clinisept+ to be used before, during and after a treatment, thereby enabling high levels of hygiene to be maintained throughout a procedure or treatment programme.

Suitable for use before, during and following every aesthetic procedure

Clinisept+ is clinically formulated and dermatologically tested to guarantee its safety on even the most sensitive skin.

It doesn't harm, irritate or sensitise the dermal layer, and leaves no chemical burden.

+ Non-toxic
+ Skin Neutral pH
+ Non-irritant
+ Hypoallergenic
+ Dermatologically Tested
+ Anti-inflammatory

Clinisept+ is used by the UK's top aesthetic practitioners for both pre-procedure skin cleansing and post procedure aftercare applications, including:

+ Injectables

+ Laser resurfacing

+ Chemical peels

+ Surgical enhancement

+ Microblading

+ Micro-needling

+ Laser tattoo removal

+ Hair removal (laser, electrolysis and waxing)

Product Attributes

  • Brand: Clinisept+
  • Volume: 100ml
  • Area: Body, Face, Hands, Neck & Decolletage


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