Universkin Consultation Form

UNIVERSKIN is a bespoke skin care regime that is tailored to your own individual needs – your prescription, your formula, for your skin care needs.

Prior to purchase, it is essential to complete a medical history form and a self analysis of your skin concerns. UNIVERSKIN provides functional treatments for several skin dysfunctions and a unique serum will be produced for your own specific requirements.

Dysfunction Diagnostics Functional Treatment
Oxidative stress Damaged, oxidised skin, stress, smoking, pollution Anti-oxidants
Dermis disorders Ageing, healing, loss of volume Dermis enhancers
Inflammation Rosacea, dermatitis, redness Anti-inflammatories
Disruption of the skin barrier Dryness, flaking Moisturisers
Keratinisation disorders Blackheads, acne, skin thickening Peeling
Hyperseborrhoea Oily, acne-prone skin Sebum regulators
Pigmentation disorders Age spots, sun spots, melasma, lentigo Pigment regulators
Skin flora disorders Acne, pustules Skin flora regulators

Once you have downloaded and completed your UNIVERSKIN consultation form, email it to and one of our skin care specialists will contact you. Alternatively, feel free to book a free consultation at our clinic or contact us on 0845 388 3808 for expert advice.


Product Description

UNIVERSKIN contains potent active ingredients and is not suitable for all people or skin types and will only be sold following a skin consultation with one of our experts.

Your prescription, your formula for your skin care needs.
UNIVERSKIN is arguably the most advanced skin care system in the World. With over 1,000 combinations using the highest quality, evidence based, researched pharmaceutical ingredients tailored to your own individual needs. Following established protocols from clinic trials on the treatment of various skin types and conditions, uniquely prepared when ordered, free from any chemical preservatives, tailored to your needs and adaptable as your skin needs change with potent active ingredients.

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