Universkin Lactopeptide 500,000 IU

Propionbacterium acnes – the gram positive anaerobic bacteria responsible for the skin condition acne it can also cause chronic blepharitis. Normally commensal and part of skin flora it lives on fatty acids secreted in sebum. Lactopeptides have been shown to destroy the bacteria.


Acts on the bacterial flora on the skin and is anti-inflammatory and a regulator of sebum production


Inflammatory acne, oily skin


  • Prevents bacterial growth including P.Acnes and S.Aureus
  • Seboregulating by its action on P.Acnes
  • Produced naturally by probiotic bacteria
  • A good alternative to antibiotics, does not develop any resistance
  • Clinically proven results
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Product Description


Please download and complete the UNIVERSKIN Consultation Form and send it to us at universkin@cosmedic.online along with your preferred contact details so that one of our skin specialists can help you tailor the product to your own skin care requirements. Alternatively call us on 0845 388 3808 or call in to our clinic for a free consultation.

This product is an additive to the SERUM MAGISTRAL NEXULTRA™ P. The serum can be purchased without additives, with 1 additive, with 2 additives or with 3 additives depending on your individual skin care requirements. For certain additives, more than one may be added to the serum to provide greater concentrations. Following your consultation, when purchasing this product, select the serum and the amount of additives that has been decided during your consultation and then contact us either by telephone or email to confirm which additives you need mixing with the serum.

UNIVERSKIN is arguably the most advanced skin care system in the World. With over 1,000 combinations using the highest quality, evidence based, researched pharmaceutical ingredients tailored to your own individual needs. Following established protocols from clinic trials on the treatment of various skin types and conditions, uniquely prepared when ordered, free from any chemical preservatives, tailored to your needs and adaptable as your skin needs change with potent active ingredients.

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Shelf Life: Your product should be used within 6 weeks from preparation date.

Storage: Depending on certain active ingredients, we recommend to keep your product refrigerated.

Usage: Apply topically once or twice a day.


Lactopeptide 500,000 IU.

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