Intensive / Focus Care Youth +

The Intensive range consists of a variety of products to intensely target specific areas of concern or specific skin conditions. Each product is formulated with unique ingredients intended for use by those who wish to get the maximum benefits of the specially selected vitamins and nutrients.

This range has been formulated to complement every step of the unique step-up system the Environ vitamin A skin care programmes follow. Once opened, use within 10 – 12 weeks to ensure optimal vitamin activity. Environ Intensive Range can be used by male and female clients.

Currently being re-branded to ‘Focus Care Youth+’

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Environ / Focus Care Youth+ Concentrated Alpha Hydroxy Toner


Environ Focus Care Youth Intensive Revival Masque ( Tri BioBotanical )

£55.00 £47.89

Environ Intensive Hydrating Oil Capsules / Soon to be renamed Focus Care Moisture+ Vita-Antioxidant Hydrating Oil Capsules

£45.00 £37.95

Environ Intensive Retinol 1 – Focus Care Youth+

£43.00 £37.50

Environ Intensive Retinol 2 – Focus Care Youth+

£43.00 £37.50

Environ Intensive Retinol 3 – Focus Care Youth+

£43.00 £37.50

Environ Vita-Complex Super Moisturiser

£33.00 £27.89

Focus Care Youth+ Tri-Peptide Complex Avance Moisturiser (30ml)

£76.00 £66.99

Focus Care™ Moisture+ Alpha Hydroxy Night Cream


Vita-Enriched Environ Focus Care Comfort+ Colustrum Gel

£37.00 £33.95