Dermo-cosmetic filler treatment for home application – fast penetrating formula, for topical and external use only.

The formulation of Fillerina Gel associates 6 different types of conveyed hyaluronic acids with different molecular weights and structures, with a diversified action in the various cutaneous layers, to facilitate the filling in and plumping up of tissues. The active component – Matrifull – acts over time on the skin matrix, promoting the reconstruction of the natural filling substances such as collagen I and III and fibronectin, for a visible plumping effect.

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Fillerina Eye & Lip Contour Cream Grade 1


Fillerina Eye and Lip Contour Cream Grade 2


Fillerina Eye and Lip Contour Cream Grade 3


Fillerina Night Cream Grade 1


Fillerina Night Cream Grade 2 Nourishing Treatment


Fillerina Night Cream Grade 3