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Cannula Training Courses

Cannulas have now become an everyday tool for most aesthetic practitioners and in the right hands and used for the correct purpose, they certainly have their place. However there is a misconception that cannulas are safe and cannot penetrate blood vessels or other structures and there is a general disregard to their use. Whether you have never used cannulas or feel that you would benefit from additional training in their use, this course is for you.

  • Introduction to cannula
  • A comparison of needle versus cannula
  • Which cannula for which dermal filler?
  • Anatomy, physiology and ageing of the face
  • Expectations, patient selection and the initial consultation
  • Medical History, contra-indications and aftercare advice
  • Mapping and marking out
  • Preparation and anaesthesia
  • Injection technique – Cannula insertion and use
  • Words of warning
  • Consumables required, ordering stock and suppliers
  • Legal and ethical considerations
  • Insurance and professional organisations
  • Injection technique (demonstrations and hands-on experience)