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Platelet Rich Plasma Courses

Platelet Rich Plasma is a revolutionary treatment which involves extracting platelets, growth factors and stem cells from a blood sample and re-injecting them into the skin to cause regeneration and improvements in skin condition, reduction in lines and wrinkles, assistance in hair growth and to help replace lost volume. Due to the incredible rejuvenation potential of PRP, it has been used in many aspects of medicine for many years, including orthopaedics, sports medicine, dentistry and surgery. In cosmetic medicine, it can be used on any part of the body where repair, rejuvenation and improvement are required. It is particularly suitable for around the eyes and lips (where other treatments are more problematic), cheeks, mid-face, jaw line, forehead, neck, décolletage, hands and there is even evidence for use on the scalp for hair rejuvenation.

  • Introduction to Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP)
  • The history of PRP and therapeutic indications
  • Expectations, patient selection and the initial consultation
  • Medical history and contra-indications
  • Anatomy, physiology and ageing of the skin
  • Anaesthesia, topical, local or combined with product
  • Preparation – Using the kit and the centrifuge
  • Platelet Rich and Platelet Poor Plasma
  • Injection technique – how and where to inject
  • Consumables required, ordering stock and suppliers
  • Legal and ethical considerations
  • Insurance and professional organisations
  • Injection technique (demonstrations and hands-on experience)