Compression hosiery helps to maintain blood flow within the legs and reduce swelling. They can relieve the pain and aggravation caused by varicose veins and can be used to treat leg ulcers. They are more commonly used to prevent the aching pains and swelling that can occur when standing on your legs for long periods and also to prevent the risk of blood clots (deep vein thrombosis) for people who might be at risk, such as on a long haul flight. Compression hosiery works by assisting the natural pump mechanism of the legs to improve blood flow back to the heart when you walk or exercise.

Compression hosiery needs to be worn throughout the day and it is important that the hosiery is of the correct size and compression. If the hosiery causes pain, numbness or a tingling sensation or causes changes in the skin such as broken skin, purple discolouration or sore marks then you should stop wearing them and seek advice from a medical practitioner.

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