Growth Factors

We’re all born with growth factors in our skin. But as we age, those growth factors deplete, according to Dr. Ronald Moy a facial plastic surgeon, dermatologist and former president of the American Academy of Dermatology.

Growth factors can also be made from stem cells. When human growth factors are included in serums, lotions and other topical skin care products, they can trigger our skin’s natural healing response. When delivered to an area of the nerves, skin, tissue or cartilage, they read the signals of neighboring cells, then morph into whatever healthy cell types that surround that area, therefore repairing nerve, skin, tissue and cartilage damage. And in the beauty space, that means a new way to regenerate all kinds of skin deterioration — including ageing, sun damage and more.

“By replacing growth factors in our dermis and epidermis, we lessen the symptoms of ageing, like thinning skin or sagging under the eye,” says Moy.

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