Universkin Additives

UNIVERSKIN additives are combined with SERUM MAGISTRAL NEXULTRA™ P to make the perfect serum for your own skin requirements! The additives are all evidence based, pharmaceutical grade, no chemical preservatives and use a nanoemulsion delivery system to guarantee stability of fragile active ingredients. Below are the UNIVERSKIN additives available along with additional information regarding their use. Once you have assessed which additives you require, purchase a SERUM MAGISTRAL NEXULTRA™ P and add the additional ingredients from the pick list and this will be specially formulated by a specialist at Cosmedic Skin Clinic – a maximum of 3 additives can be combined with the serum. Contact Cosmedic Skin Clinic for a FREE consultation or complete an UNIVERSKIN Consultation Form and email it to universkin@cosmedic.online.


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Universkin Aloe Vera 5.4%

Universkin Arbutin 3%

Universkin Azelaic Acid 5.4%

Universkin D-Panthenol (Vitamin B5) 5%

Universkin DMAE 2.5%

Universkin Ferulic Acid 1%

Universkin Glycolic Acid 7%

Universkin Isoflavones 2%

Universkin Kojic Acid 2%

Universkin L Ascorbic Acid 7% (Vitamin C)

Universkin Lactopeptide 500,000 IU

Universkin Madecassoside 1%

Universkin Niacinamide (Vitamin B3) 4%

Universkin Phytic Acid 2%

Universkin Retinol 0.2%

Universkin Rutin 3.2%

Universkin Salicylic Acid 2%

Universkin Super Oxide Dismutase 2%

Universkin Zinc Sulphate 5%