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Fit for a King

We chat to Dr Martyn and Sharon King about their latest venture into the pharmacy world, Cosmedic Pharmacy

Dr Martyn and Sharon King are a powerhouse couple within the aesthetics industry. With collective experience as a doctor and nurse covering decades in the field, they have become two of the go-to experts, particularly for managing complications.

They founded the Aesthetics Complications Expert World (ACE Group World), of which Martyn is the medical director, and both hold key positions within the sector, driving the way for better standards – Martyn as the vice-chair of the Joint Council for Cosmetic Practitioners (JCCP) and Sharon as the vice-chair and a member of the Education Committee of the British Association of Cosmetic Nurses (BACN).

Both have been Key Opinion Leaders for leading companies and have undertaken training workshops on their behalf, as well as offering independent training at their own Cosmedic Training Academy.

Add to that the fact they run a highly successful, award-winning CQC registered private aesthetic and medical clinic – Cosmedic Skin Clinic – and you may think they wouldn’t have time to take on anything else. But that’s not the way the Kings do business.

Keen to meet a need for a pharmacy run by medics for medics, the pair are also the co-founders of Cosmedic Pharmacy in partnership with CST Pharma.


Putting medics at the forefront has always been the ethos behind the King’s Cosmedic brand. It is a theme that runs through their clinic, training academy, online shop and now also the pharmacy, which has the straplines “more than just a pharmacy” and “by medics for medics”.

The bespoke pharmacy, which is headed up by director Bob Melville of CST Pharma, focuses on serving the medical aesthetic community’s needs beyond simply selling products.

Martyn says, “People can buy anything from anywhere now. Unlicensed toxins are coming in from other countries, and a lot of things are going on underground.

“We want to be part of the movement to stop that. To create a brand and a vision that would show the legitimate and correct way to do things. To show people that this is how you should be ordering, these are the products you need, and you can rest assured that they will be sourced appropriately and that you will get support from the companies because you’re not buying something rogue. There is traceability and legitimacy and trust in the brand.


The pharmacy itself is located about 30 minutes away from the King’s clinic in Tamworth, on the Westgate Park Industrial Estate, and they have regular meetings with the team and suppliers to discuss sourcing products.

One of the visions behind Cosmedic Pharmacy was the fact the Kings wanted to create an aesthetic pharmacy where they could obtain everything they needed for their own clinic and not have to order different products from a multitude of suppliers.

The pharmacy does not have a shop front, and it is a highly-regulated facility for stocking and sending out orders.

It’s fantastic to be working with people we trust who have the same vision, ethics, honesty, integrity, commitment and passion as us

While Professional Statutory and Regulatory Body (PSRB) registered practitioners can order Prescription Only Medications (POMs), fillers, and drugs to manage complications, clinics can also purchase skincare, peels, and other products from leading reputable brands used in dayto-day aesthetic practice.

One of the main USPs of Cosmedic Pharmacy is the extended support customers get from the Kings, who are in the unique position as clinic owners and medics themselves of being able to offer clinical advice.

Training will be at the heart of the business with Sharon, who has recognised teacher status Cardiff University and the University of Northumbria, also undertaking the Association of the British Pharmaceutical Industry (ABPI) Advanced Professional Programme (formerly the Diploma).


Both Sharon and Martyn are passionate about raising standards within the industry and promoting best practices, particularly when it comes to the management of complications.

As such, Cosmedic is also the exclusive supplier of the new Aesthetics Complications Expert Group World Emergency Kit.

“Because Sharon and I are so tied up in the ACE Group, one of the things we wanted to do through the pharmacy is really support people in the management of complications”, explains Martyn. “And it’s not just what we are selling in the emergency kit; it is everything else as well. My vision is that you can kit your clinic out with everything you need to manage complications.”

The bespoke kit contains prescription items that need to be immediately available, such as adrenaline and hyaluronidase, but does not include drugs that can be prescribed later, such as antibiotics.

The kit also contains printed algorithms as useful aide-memoires for the management of serious complications to save valuable time in emergency situations, and the Kings are always looking at the latest guidance and research on what should be included.

Sharon says, “All of our drugs and everything we decide to stock goes through a very stringent risk assessment process with myself and Martyn and the superintendent pharmacist. We make sure we are looking to the latest guidance and research on what you should have in your clinic in case of an emergency.”

The Official ACE Group World Emergency Kit contains Prescription Only Medicines and can only be obtained by prescribing practitioners. It is exclusively available via Cosmedic Pharmacy.