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Reviv Treatments – Adequate fluid balance is paramount to health and maintenance of mind and body. Just 2% dehydration can cause significant loss of productivity and create stress on the body and result in the release of free radicals which can have numerous harmful effects. Common reasons for dehydration are decreased water intake, too much sun exposure, illness, increased water loss and alcohol consumption.

Procedure Time Upto 1 Hour
Pain Mild Discomfort
Anaesthetic None
Full Recovery Immediate
Results Duration Variable
Risks Bruising, tenderness, inflammation of the vein, allergic reactions
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Reviv may help restore equilibrium through vitamin infused therapies and intramuscular booster shots.

Reviv is not intended to replace or be additional to any medical treatments you are already receiving or have received already. If you feel you have an underlying medical condition or undergoing any investigations, this should be appropriately managed by your GP or Specialist before considering Reviv. If you are in any doubt, please consult your GP or Specialist.



Intravenous (IV) treatments are infused with anti-oxidants, vitamins and a combination of prescription medicines. Reviv also offers vitamin/anti-oxidant intramuscular (IM) booster shots.

How does Reviv work?

Oral intake of fluids, vitamins and nutrients must first undergo absorption from the intestinal tract and subsequently pass through the liver where some may get metabolised and broken down before even entering the blood stream. It is for this reason that only a fraction of orally ingested products actually get delivered to their target. Reviv therapies enter the body directly, ensuring it reaches the place it is needed.

Various combinations have been created based on research and decades of clinical experience and contain electrolytes, vitamins, anti-oxidants and other compounds with one purpose, to balance electrolytes, hydrate various cells and body organs and may detoxify the body.


Is it safe and does it hurt?

Over 35,000 Reviv treatments have been performed to date with no major complication. A medical history is completed before any treatment to ensure the patient is suitable for the procedure.  IV treatments require cannulation of a vein which can cause some discomfort, similarly intramuscular injections can causes some stinging. Most of the possible adverse effects relate more to the procedure rather than the drugs administered. Potential risks include infection, extravasation (leakage of the infusion outside of the vein), superficial thrombophlebitis (inflammation of the vein caused by trauma), haematoma formation (blood clot at an injection site), vasovagal reactions (fainting) and rarely allergic reactions.

Are there any side-effects?

Side-effects are rare although some people are not suitable for Reviv including those with heart or kidney problems, blood clotting problems, neurological conditions, uncontrolled diabetes, recent trauma, unexplained fever or illness, shortness of breath or the elderly. This list is not exhaustive.

What can I expect afterwards?

Everyone is different and experience slight variations of the effects from Reviv. Some report a sense of wellness, increased energy and productivity within 2-4 hours and lasting for several days. However all improvements are subjective and no guarantee can be made regarding individual people.

Price List
Treatment Name Price List
IM B12 £29
IM Vitaboost £39
IV Ultraviv £199
IV Megaboost £199
IV Vitaglow £199
IV Royal Flush £349