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Body Contouring – Despite healthy eating, exercise and weight loss, most people still find that there are certain parts of the body that they don’t like and these areas seem resistant to change. The problem is worsened with age when fat deposition occurs in unwanted areas and skin laxity also adds to the effect. Bulges appear at the waist, thighs, under the arms and in the jowls and then the dreaded cellulite also develops. Finally we have a real solution to offer our clients – the 3D Lipo device, an innovative and revolutionary machine combining several technologies for the very best results. It is perfectly safe, does not involve injections or surgery and is not even painful. It can melt away fat and cellulite as well as tighten skin and improve body shape to give you the figure you always wanted!

Procedure Time 1 hour
Pain None
Anaesthetic None
Full Recovery Immediate
Results Duration Permanent
Risks Tenderness, redness, warmth
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