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Advanced Filler Treatments

Procedure Time 30-45 minutes
Pain Mild Discomfort
Anaesthetic Various Options
Full Recovery 24-48 hours
Results Duration 4 months - 2 years
Risks Bruising, swelling, tenderness, lumps, asymmetry
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Tear Trough

According to the Arcane Study, from the age of 30 years old, 1 in 2 women are concerned by the appearance of their eye circles yet it is only the 7th most popular area that is treated. The tear trough is the area beneath the eye and the upper cheek and with increasing age, the area loses volume and the skin becomes thinner and starts to droop. This results in the tear trough becoming deeper and darker in appearance and eye bags can start to appear. A similar problem can occur in younger people due to fat hypoplasia and genetic factors. Previously the only solution was plastic surgery, however with the advances in non-surgical treatments and dermal fillers, this area can now be completely rejuvenated by the injection of a filler material in suitable clients.

Treatment of the tear trough should only be undertaken by experienced, competent injectors with a thorough understanding of the anatomy and physiology of this region. Dr Martyn King is one of the country’s leading experts in this procedure, one of only a small number of accredited trainers and has performed in excess of 150 tear trough procedures.

Non-surgical rhinoplasty

The no-knife nose enhancement treatment to smooth out bumps and make the nose straighter is a real alternative to surgery and without the down-time and more affordable. Although it is non-surgical, it is still an advanced medical procedure requiring a thorough knowledge of anatomy, a precise injection technique and an experienced practitioner. The treatment involves the injection of a dermal filler and results may last in excess of 12 months. We offer free consultations prior to the treatment to discuss the procedure in more detail and to see if you are suitable.

Sharon King RN NIP has been performing this expert procedure for many years and is a leading national trainer and highly respected in the cosmetic industry having worked for several years with plastic surgeons.

Desirial (for intimate rejuvenation)

Loss of normal tone and elasticity is a natural process as we age. When this is combined with falling levels of oestrogen in ladies this can lead to vaginal dryness, soreness during activity and loss of volume with a change in the appearance.

Desirial is a unique dermal filler that has been formulated specifically to deal with these problems, both for rejuvenation and also to help with hydration and intimacy.

What other areas can be treated?
  • Chin enhancements
  • Hollow temples
  • Lateral eyebrow lifts
  • Smoker’s lines above the top-lip
  • Non-surgical facelifts
  • Corrective work
  • Facial asymétries
  • Bony chest depressions

“I’ve not been happy with the shape of my nose since I was a child, I wish I’d had it corrected years ago.” Lisa, Birmingham.

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Price List
Treatment Name Price List
Tear-trough treatment £350
Non-surgical rhinoplasty £450
Desirial/Desirial Plus From £500
Other advanced dermal filler treatments From £350