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BE COVID CONFIDENT! With our COVID-19 Triple Antibody Test and live more freely again.


Procedure Time 20 minutes (Results within 7 minutes)
Pain Mild Discomfort
Anaesthetic None
Full Recovery Very Soon
Results Duration Variable
Risks Venous blood test required, may result in some minor discomfort and bruising.
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Knowing the level of Covid-19 antibodies in your blood can give you the confidence to meet friends, family and vulnerable relatives, travel, go to work, and confidently plan important occasions.

Our COVID-19 Triple Antibody Test will tell you whether:

• Your vaccine has worked
• You have natural immunity to Covid-19 from a past infection
• You need a booster vaccine
• You have had Covid-19

Our test is a breakthrough innovation because it can detect antibodies in your blood induced both naturally to COVID-19 infection and those induced by the vaccine. This means you can have confirmation of your immune response to the current MHRA (Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency) approved vaccines.

The Covid-19 Triple Antibody Test measures 3 Types of Antibodies:

Unlike other immunity tests on the market, our rapid, reliable Triple Antibody Test measures 3 types of antibodies — IgM, IgG, IgA — raised to three important parts of the virus (see our website www.attomarker.com for more details). Our test is highly accurate and results are available immediately during your consultation with one of our trained nurses. The easy-to-use Biomark App will store your test results, ready to go.

How accurate is the Covid-19 Triple Test?

Test accuracy is measured by scientists in two ways: sensitivity is how likely the test is to detect a positive result; specificity shows how specific the antibodies are to COVID-19 and thus how trustworthy a negative result is. Attomarker’s Triple Antibody Test achieved 95% sensitivity and 96% specificity in real-world studies on hospital patients at the height of the pandemic.

Will the test tell me whether I am immune to COVID-19?

Immunity is a complex concept. Having antibodies is a very good indicator of immunity: all patients recovering from COVID-19 in hospital will make antibodies. T cells and B cells can also sometimes provide immunity without the presence of antibodies. If you have antibodies, you have a first line of defence against the virus. However, if you have not produced any antibodies, you may still have some cellular immunity. Ideally, you need both antibodies and cellular immunitys.

How long do the test results ‘last’ for?

A test 2-3 weeks after your second vaccination is recommended. Antibody levels will decline over time; if you want to know how your antibody levels are holding up, then a test 3 months postvaccine is recommended to show your personal change in levels.

What will happen at my appointment?

Once you have arrived at our clinic with your pre-arranged appointment — see our website for bookings — you will be greeted by staff who will ask you to complete a short COVID-19 questionnaire. Our trained nurses will talk you through the test process and take a small blood sample from a vein in your arm. The sample will then be analysed by our instrumentation in the consultation room. You will be able to see your results in 7 minutes.

Is the test in line with government guidelines on antibody tests?

The test follows all the requirements set out by the MHRA. The test instrumentation is CE approved.

What if my results are negative?

One of our practitioners will talk through what your tests results mean. Either you have not had the infection before, or your vaccine has not generated levels of antibodies above pre-pandemic levels.

Is there any age restriction to take the test?

You must be over 16 years old to take our test.

Price List
Treatment Name Price List
COVID-19 Triple Antibody Test £125.00
COVID-19 Triple Antibody Test - Launch Offer £75.00 (Use Voucher Code LAUNCH99)