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"This program has been a life changing experience for me! My appearance and weight-loss is only part of the overall benefit I have received. I now have more energy, confidence and feel more like my age." Thomas.
  • 23.2 kg (3.65 stone)
  • 26.5 cm
  • 13.0 cm


"Following the birth of my baby I tried many diets desperate to get back my pre-pregnancy figure and weight which didn’t work. Unlike these other quick fix weight loss programs this one has educated me to eat correctly and I am convinced that I will maintain the results achieved as I have adapted to the change of lifestyle and new healthier eating habits. I have gone from a size 14 to a size 8 in four months and feel better in myself with restored confidence. Thank you to all at 3D- lipolite." Sharron
  • 9.6 kg (1.51 stone)
  • 20.0 cm
  • 8.0 cm


"I was a little sceptical after being overweight for a long time, but looking at myself now, I’m so glad that I started the program. I can’t believe the change in such a short time, I now eat healthier, sleep better, feel fitter and genuinely like the fact that I look better. I lead a busy life, but it has been a surprisingly easy programme to manage even whilst being so busy. The way the program’s set up provides support, advice and motivation, all the things I needed to keep me on track. Best of all though, has been losing the weight quickly and at the same time recovering some of the body shape I used to be. I would definitely recommend the 3D-lipolite Program." Kevin
  • 16.6 kg (2.61 stone)
  • 17.5 cm
  • 9.0 cm