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The next generation in technology accelerated weight loss and body contouring...
The Problem

Obesity is usually defined as a condition in which a person’s weight is 20% or more above normal weight or as a BMI (Body Mass Index) of 30 or more. Obesity in the UK is a growing health concern with health officials stating that it is one of the leading causes of preventable deaths in the United Kingdom. The Government’s own foresight report statistics state that by 2015 28% of females and 36% of males will be clinically obese.

What is driving this epidemic?
  1. East access to cheap high-energy food that is aggressively marketed to people.
  2. People’s lifestyle and jobs are less active than previously.
  3. People drive or use public transport and walk a lot less than they used to.

We feel there is a gap in the market to offer a change of lifestyle in combination with the use of such multi-platform result driven devices to create dramatic results in weight loss, body contouring and significant improvement in health. Our program tackles the problem head on. We have a three dimensional approach that ensures that by following our unique weight loss plan in conjunction with our award winning technology destroying fat cells, tightening skin and breaking down cellulite and when combined with moderate exercise you can achieve fantastic results. We call this technology accelerated weight loss and body contouring.

Lipolite - Step 1

The technology used as part of the program ensures that alongside the rapid weight loss we can ensure accelerated results on targeted fat removal, skin tightening and treatment of cellulite. As everybody is different we train how a bespoke and prescriptive package of treatments can be put together across the program to ensure maximum benefit. One of the main concerns people have when losing a lot of weight is having saggy skin or an overhang but with the most up to date skin tightening technology, the 3d-lipolite program will focus on these areas to create the best aesthetic outcomes.

Lipolite - Step 2

The importance of diet and nutrition on health and weight cannot be stressed enough and over the years, various diets have been invented to try and deal with the problems of obesity. Low fat diets, high carbohydrate diet, high protein diets and low calorie diets on their own have all proven unsuccessful. The 3D-lipolite program provides the perfect quantity and combination of food groups with supplements, at the right times, to aid weight loss and promote health uniquely tailored to the individual.

Lipolite - Step 3

Exercise is an essential component of the 3D-lipolite program and must be followed just as religiously as with diet and treatments. Exercise will be realistic and appropriate to the individual’s weight and level of fitness and targets will be set as part of the program. Emphasis will be on exercise that can be performed easily and safely to prevent excessive joint pressure or cardiovascular strain but needs to be regular and contain a balance of different exercises working on different areas.